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*Summary introduction
Introducing ‘Alien defender Enki’
– the action defense which makes a present the shock feeling of top.


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18 years of life, tired of long entrance alien Enki run away from home by father’s UFO.
Because he was unskilled driver, Enki was lost his way in the vast universe and crashed to the earth.
The young girl Mari of the village to save Enki where falls to the farm, Enki requites in her.
Mari says the parents and the friends who, go out to battle line safely returning is her best wish.
Enki promised. To keep off the bombing of enemy and anyone in order not to be injured, that.

Enki will keep off the bombing of enemy as expected and will be the possibility which defends Mari parents and the village residents?

*game features
-In compliance with direct, high attack degree of freedom.
-UFO systems which defend the bomb of circumference.
-The anti-gravity booster system which shines in the moment when is critical.
-15 kind various bombs (size, weight, dispersion, booster, evasion etc. the attribute which is various)
-Bomb throwing patterns of the prediction outside.
-Openfeint achievements, Leaderboard are supported.
-Spectacular particle effects to increase engagement.
-retina display support.

-Defense mode: Attack all bombs which fall by touch-moving. Only, does not attack the aid supply.
-Arcade mode: Remove the 3 more bombs at once get the combo bonus. You can extend time by collecting combo bonus.

-The case combo-bonus which will remove 3 more bombs with stroke of once is exercised and gets an additional score.
-The case one-shot-all-kill which will remove all bombs with one stroke is exercised and gets an additional score.
-When ‘U.N. aid-supply’ is dropped, it is safe to use an anti-gravity booster within any game mode.

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